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Harold M. Merklinger recently retired from the Defence Research Establishment Atlantic (as its Director-General) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. His main scientific contributions have been in the field of underwater acoustics although his experience has covered communications, space surveillance and ship technology. His main hobby since the age of eight, however, has been photography, with a lesser interest in motorsport. (He's a past president of the Bluenose Autosport Club in Dartmouth.) The information in these books is the result of his personal research; it is not related to his work for the Canadian Government.

Unable to afford accessory telephoto lenses in his early years, Harold often used slow films and fine grain development to obtain the results he sought. This practice focused his attention on high resolution work and the inadequacies of standard depth of field theory. In 1990 he published a book, The INs and OUTs of FOCUS,   in order to share his findings with others. Early readers of the book asked about view camera applications and this led in turn to his second photography book, FOCUSING the VIEW CAMERA .  (Harold acquired an 8 by 10 inch format camera in 1964, but could not afford to keep it in film! His current view camera is a 5 by 7 inch B&J.)

Harold was educated at the Royal Military College of Canada, and the University of Birmingham (in England). He is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, a member of the Canadian Acoustical Association, and a founding member of The Institute of Acoustics of Atlantic Canada. Those interested in underwater acoustics might wish to consult his book Progress in Underwater Acoustics   published by Plenum Press in 1986.

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