Merklinger Family of Ontario Canada &
Lewerenz Family of Indiana

Family of Jacob Merklinger Sr. (1835-1901) of Wellesley, Ontario, Canada:
Back Row: Martin, Henry, Peter, John, Jacob Jr., Godfrey, David
Front Row: Lydia, Christina, Jacob Sr., wife Katherina (Diehl), Katherina, Mary

(photo taken 1901 by Jacob Doersam)

More family photos (updated 31 Mar 2003)

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Family Tree last update July 2011.

- Approx. 5,500 people born before 1911.

- In the past few years, considerable information has been gathered concerning our American Merklinger cousins. Thanks to Richard DeView, Gary Bright and Carl & late Sharon Merklinger of Michigan for sharing photos and information. There is still much work to do in getting photos online.


Family Tree of Merklinger, Roth, Lewerenz, Graebner and related Families
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This web page is focused on several families of German origin who came to Canada and to the United States in the early to mid- 1800s:
  • Johann Martin Merklinger came from Baden, Germany, to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in May 1832.
  • Johanne Nickolaus Roth came from Nieder Ofleiden to New Hamburg, Ontario in 1843.
  • Johann Christoph Lewerenz came from Vorland, Pomerania to Chicago in 1866.
  • Rev. Johann Heinrich Philip Graebner came from Burghaig, Bavaria, to Frankentrost, Michigan, in 1847, where he met and married Jakobina Denninger who came from Germany as a child in 1832.


The information presented here should be regarded as a guide only. It is based on a wide variety of sources, sometimes conflicting, and no claim can be made concerning accuracy. Some but not all of the sources are shown in the detailed family tree. Changes will be made from time to time. New information from readers is welcome, provided the source of the information is also given.


Acknowledgement is made of contributions by the following people:
  • P. Ross Merklinger of Waterloo, Ontario
  • Ralph Merklinger of Colorado
  • Anelise Graebner Anderson of California
  • the late Esther Meyer Stahlke of Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Lammi Stahlke Veitengruber of Tawas City, Michigan
  • Other specific contributions are given in the source references.


Relatives of these four families, including descendants, ancestors and cousins are included in this family forest. There are actually two separate trees, which join together only in later generations which are not shown here. There are approximately 5,500 people in the database, all born BEFORE 1911. PLEASE NOTE THAT "NO CHILDREN" MEANS "NO CHILDREN BORN BEFORE 1911". A plus sign (+) means that more children are listed in source documents; a first name in lower case e.g. "heinrich", means the person died very young and did not marry. People marked with an asterisk (*) are the ancestors of my husband, Harold M. Merklinger of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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