Descendants, Ancestors, and Cousins of
John Trenholm & Isabella Coates of New Brunswick, Canada
(plus ancestors of William Olsen Trenholm 1889-1982)
(and a few strays)

The Coat of Arms of Sir Robert de Tranholm, chaplain, 1322, parish priest at Ingleby Arncliffe in Yorkshire

From an embroidered version by June Trenholm Crouse of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

copyright 1982. May be used with acknowledgement.

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Family Tree of William Trenholm of South Carolina
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John Trenholm was born at Welbury, Yorkshire in 1739. It is said that John was a big man, over six feet tall, weighing almost 300 pounds (according to one of his pallbearers, a Mr. Tingley). John and his wife, Isabella Coates, with four young children, came to Halifax, possibly on the ship "Duke of York" and then on to Cumberland County in the Colony of Nova Scotia about 1772 . They settled on Inverma Farm, at a place now called Point de Bute, Westmorland County, New Brunswick. Many of his descendants have moved away to other parts of Canada and the USA. Other branches of this family in Canada include:
- John's widowed father Robert, who with John's youngest brother Matthew, settled at Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
- John's brother Edward, who initially settled at Trenholm or Kingsey, Quebec but returned to England; his son William later returned to continue the family line in Quebec. All three Canadian branches are included in an interactive tree format.

Due to space limitations, the detailed genealogy is limited to about 9,800 Trenholm descendants, relatives and their spouses,
These people are listed in an alphabetical index and displayed in a linked tree format. Source references are given, but WARNING!!: REFERENCE FILE IS 3 MB AND COULD TAKE 20 MINUTES OR MORE TO OPEN THE FIRST TIME YOU CLICK ON A REFERENCE NUMBER!!. To keep this file from growing, the full details of some of the frequently-used references are given in a separate Bibliography. In the Family Tree, these references are replaced by short descriptions, beginning with: [Cem.] for Cemetery; [Census] for Census; [Coll.] for other large collections; [FBible] for Family Bible; [FGEN] for Family Genealogy; [I] for information from an individual; [LHG] for Local History & Genealogy; [VS] for Vital Statistics. A link to the Bibliography appears near the end of this page.

WANTED ! - Information about stray Trenholms. See name index under PEOPLE, Stray Trenholm


This information presented here should be regarded as a guide only. It is based on a wide variety of sources, sometimes conflicting, and no claim can be made concerning accuracy. Some but not all of the sources are shown in the detailed family tree. Changes will be made from time to time; new information from readers is welcome, provided the source of the information is also given to assist in resolving differences.


Acknowledgement is made of contributions by the following people:
  • The following three people, now deceased, who began the research into the New Brunswick Trenholms: my father, Melvin Walter Trenholm of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (son of William Olsen Trenholm); his cousins Percy Trenholm of Sackville, New Brunswick, and Vaughn Trenholm of Montreal, Quebec.
  • Bob Dickson of Kingston, Ontario, for information on the Quebec branch of the Trenholme family.
  • The late Mildred (Jordan) Ebersole of New Jersey, who researched the Annapolis Valley Trenholms.
  • Allin Kingsbury of San Jose, California, for information on the Benjamin Allen family.
  • Dr. Ian F. Paul of Sackville, New Brunswick, for information on many of the local families.
  • Audrey Czechowski of Perth, Australia, for additional information concerning the Trenholm Yorkshire roots and one branch leading to Australia.
  • Ethel S. Nepveux of Charleston, South Carolina, for information about the "South Carolina Trenholms".
  • Many others, in particular, the late Dr. Albert Dobson of Abbotsford B.C., Arthur Owen of Ottawa and Members of the "Dobson/Wells Group" and "Yorkshire 2000".
  • Many other specific contributions are listed in the source references.


- start here for John Trenholm of New Brunswick

- start here for Matthew Trenholm of Falmouth Nova Scotia

- start here for Edward Trenholm(e) of Quebec

- start here for William Trenholm of South Carolina, probably a distant cousin of John - This information is based on a family chart drawn up in 1930 by W. de Saussure Trenholm.

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INDEX for 9,800 people connected to the Trenholm Family Tree


A Plus sign (+) means that more descendants are listed in source documents

A first name in lower case, e.g. "baby john" means the person died very young


An asterisk (*) marks the ancestors of my grandfather William Olsen Trenholm (1889-1982).


The bibliography contains detailed information for some of the sources used in the Trenholm & Allen Family Trees. The family tree file for source references has become very large (3 MB), so complete information for the most frequent references is kept in the Biliography, and this also allows easier access without having to read the family tree. In the Family Tree, these references are cited by short names: [Cem.] for Cemetery; [Census] for Census; [Coll.] for other large collections; [FBible] for Family Bible; [FGEN] for Family Genealogy; [I] for information from an individual; [LHG] for Local History and Genealogy; [VS] for Vital Statistics.
Bibliography for Trenholm & Allen Families (52K)


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