Cover of PHOTOHAUPTKATALOG by Zeiss-Ikon

1938 Zeiss-Ikon Hauptkatalog

(auf Deutsch - in German)

Larry Gubas spent twenty years searching for this catalog. Now he's found it, it's available (as a quality reproduction) to anyone interested in learning more about the photographic products manufactured by Zeiss-Ikon as of 1938. Products covered in this 167-page catalog include:

  • The Baby Box, Erabox, and Box-Tengor box cameras
  • The Bob, Nettar and Ikonta folding cameras
  • The Super Ikonta rangefinder folding cameras
  • The Ikoflex II and III twin-lens reflex roll-film cameras
  • The Maximar, Trona, Ideal and Universal-Juwel plate cameras
  • The Super Nettel I and II
  • The Nettax
  • The Contax I, II and III
  • The (twin-lens) Contaflex
  • The MOVIKON 16, MOVIKON-K 16, and MOVIKON 8 movie cameras
  • Contax lenses and accessories
  • Enlargers
  • Copy stands
  • The Flektoskop and microscope adapters
  • Still and Movie Projectors
  • Cases, film, viewfinders, tripods, flash units
  • Darkroom accessories,
  • And even a mechanical calculating machine.


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