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Patent Documents:

  • CARPNTR.pdf (218k) is a copy of Jules Carpentier's 1901 British Patent which is referenced in Scheimpflug's patent three years later. Carpentier's patent indicates that what we now call the "Scheimpflug Principle" was known before Scheimpflug's more complete work was published - in the UK, at least.

  • Here are a number of Portable Document Format files containing the text and illustrations from articles originally published in SHUTTERBUG    Magazine. These articles are not true reprints from Shutterbug. They contain essentially the same material but are based on the author's original submissions, and with a few errors corrected.

    From the LHSA Viewfider:

    From VIEW CAMERA magazine:

  • VCFaDOF2.pdf (273k) "View Camera Focus and Depth of Field - Part II" covers depth of field for View Cameras. Originally published in the September/October 1996 issue.
  • From Photo Techniques magazine:

  • SHSPAT.pdf (112k), "Scheimpflug's Patent", describes some of the information contained in Theodor Scheimpflug's 1904 British Patent. Originally published in the Nov/Dec 1996 issue.

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